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SMS Equipment Support for IMC

The IMC Support Package is part of our ongoing commitment to support our customers from coast-to-coast, regardless of site location.

Make sure you are getting the most out of your IMC machine. Ask about our IMC Support Package today!
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What's Included?

Certified Remote Support

Komatsu's Remote Support allows our Technology Solutions Experts to assess your machine for an immediate response without travelling to your site.

Customer support through cellular network covers:
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Remote training
  • Remote network configuration
  • Limit support costs by not always requiring a technician to be dispatched to site

Data Package

All Komatsu integrated machines are outfitted with a cellular modem and data plan.

The data package can be used to subscribe to:
  • Cellular corrections service provider. By paying a monthly fee to the third-party provider, you will be able to receive GPS correction data through a cellular modem
  • Smart Construction Remote, which provides you the ability to transfer files to your machine

Machine Control Technology Inspection

Once a year, you will receive a full Machine Control Technology inspection, which includes:
  • Updating IMC software to the latest version, which unlocks performance enhancements and new features
  • Position check of your machine to verify the accuracy of your machine, taking into account cutting edge wear
  • Education on new IMC 2.0 features to help reduce downtime and further enhance jobsite productivity, if applicable

The machine control technology inspection will be performed by an SMS Equipment Technology Solutions Expert. Eligible machines include Komatsu IMC and IMC 2.0 excavators and dozers.

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